The Ten Best Cartoons From The 80s

To be perfectly honest this concept isn’t all that new.   But you know something?  I was watching The Cartoon Network the other day and I was surprised at how technologically advanced cartoons are today.   It actually made me miss the good old days of animation.

Now it’s like cartoons look human.  I miss the days when I would watch cartoons.  Those days for me were the 80s.   So I figured I’d share the ten cartoons I watched most back then.

Here are the ten best cartoons from the 80s….

The Smurfs

Easily one of the most classic cartoons of all time let alone the 80s.  I can’t say I’m happy that they released a movie with Katy Perry but what can you do?

He-Man:  Masters of the Universe

I mean I think as adults we were all kind of surprised that the show is a front for homosexuality but if you can get past that you realize it’s still an awesome show.


These were my favorites.   I do hope that whatever movie eventually comes out will do the series justice.


Not only was the show awesome but it lent itself to one of the best Nintendo games of all time:  Ducktales II.


Come on.  Like I’d miss this one?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here’s another cartoon that produced a pretty awesome Nintendo game.    Who would have known that Turtles would be that popular?

GI Joe

I was never really into G.I. Joe stuff as a kid but I can’t argue with the masses here.  If I left this off the list I’d be destroyed by you commenters.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Granted the show literally started in the 60s but come on.  From 1983-1990 Alvin and his crew were entertaining all of us nearly every day of the week.

Inspector Gadget

Is the theme song in your head yet?  It sure as hell is in mine.   Can you believe Matthew Broderick played this guy?

Dungeons and Dragons

Frankly I loved this more on the 80s computer and the board game,  but the show kicked ass as well.

*Shout outs to M.A.S.K,  Muppet Babies, and Spiderman and his Friends


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  1. Seriously man, you GOT to see the new Thundercats series in case you haven’t. It’s more anime-ish but the whole new approach they chose to follow is amazing while simultaneously it pays tribute to the old series.

  2. Star Blazers…a quick story; when I was in college, a local video store had episodes of Star Blazers for rent (it was ’91. Youtube wasn’t even an idea yet).

    We had an episode on the lounge TV when a few guys wrapped in every hip-hop cliche, baggy jeans, gold necklace, reversed baseball caps, walked in.

    One of them glanced at the TV, did a double take and blurted out, “HOLY $H!T, IT’S DEREK WILDSTAR!!!” They sat down and watched the rest of the episodes with us.

  3. Ohh common…I can not believe there isn’t even a mention of Astro Boy. Every mourning before school I’d kill that show. Ohh Astroboy can they ever restore you back to the grittiness that made the original and remade 80’s so great.

  4. LOL…I opened this email just to see if you threw on G.I.Joe, my favorite as a child….some ones that I would have thrown on the list before putting up Inspector Gadget and D&G:

    the Real Ghost Busters,
    Gummie Bears,

  5. @ illeaturfamily – “that dude who looks like Ron Jeremy” was the late Captain Lou Albano, legendary pro wrestling manager. He did bear a slight resemblance to Ron Jeremy.

  6. Battle of the Planets kicked some serious arse in my household. So did Voltron and The Real Ghostbusters and that other Ghostbusters which I think had some sort of ape in it. I also used to love Auqaman and the Wonder Twins in Super Friends.

  7. the smurfs are from the ’60s not the ’80s as well as alvin and the chipmunks. shows like silverhawks should have been on this list instead of them

  8. the fact that JEM is not on this list proves what a terrible list it is. JEM is easily the best cartoon of the decade, and perhaps the best ever. get a clue.

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