Get a Load of These PSA’s for the Pokemon World


You know, people always say that Pokemon teaches kids that animal fighting is OK butwhat about all the other games that do a lot worse? What about games like Skyrim, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Far Cry, WoW, Borderlands, Hell, and even CoD? How about the attack dog thing where they have you kill the animals? Actually in half of these games you skin them just to get better armor, weapons, or even just because you feel like it or so you can get a little bit better at crafting.

In Pokemon the worst that happens is they faint, then immediately afterwards get healed. Not to mention you’re the one that’s choosing to fight them. Most of these Pokemon you can run away from, but it’s us who choose not to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of all these games, but it kind of gets annoying with the whole Pokemon dog fight thing.

With that said these Pokemon PSA’s done by Julia Lepetit are hilarious.






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