Debate of the Day: What Would You Want in an Unreality App?

We here at Unreality are always looking for new ways to expand the site. A lot of our views come from mobile devices, so we are thinking about developing some sort of app based around the site. What exactly that is, we’re not sure yet, so we figured we’d ask you, the readers what you might want to see.

The way I see it there are a few paths it could take:

– Just a quick launching, optimized for a mobile version of the site.

– Something simple like a movie/tv/game  picture or video of the day.

– An actual Unreality game where you launch Pokemon at Portals on Christina Hendricks’ chest or something. Well not that (copyrights!), but a game of some sort.

Or something that isn’t any of these. I’m sure you can have better ideas of your own. What would you like to happen when you click on a blue sun icon on your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. This is weird, I was actually thinking about an Unreality App a few days ago. Maybe you could sort of go by the style of app.

  2. Yeah, I think that a really clean, well-organized version of the site would be best. Maybe when you launch it it just shows the article headlines, separated by days? And then you could drop-down or navigate to specific articles really easily.

    I don’t really know anything about designing those sorts of things. In terms of mobile-format websites, has one of my favorites, and I think something sorta along those lines might work well for this site.

  3. I would like it, only if there was one feature, a Shuffle button. There are many great articles on your site, but some of the older, better articles never get to see the light of day. You could shuffle by category, (tv, reviews, list, images, movies, video games, final countdown) key word (pokemon, walking dead, dexter) year written. Im sure there are other ways to sort but Im confident you can figure it ou.t

  4. An App like the guardian news app on iOS would be great – just an easy and fast way to read your site on the go, and a way to save favorites to read later.

  5. optomized version, with an easy way to peruse the movie and game reviews (so we can check them out before we buy/rent/watch). I honestly hold more stock in the reviews here than most other sites.

  6. I like twitter app for Ipad clean simple, check it out. Read site often as far as design goes you could lose right panel of the page.

    I see you already have google analytics go there and check, click per page (the one that show user activity) I bet you that little number of people use them. But it would ligthen the page and also let us see categories and unreal sites hehe didn-t know they existed until now 🙂

  7. quick-load, ad-free (or at least -less), and that picture-thing rob mentioned would all be great.
    but my biggest point: no “only-apple” !

    a simple mobile-version of this page’d be enough for what i need^^

  8. As a reader for the last two years, I’ve seen good and bad changes to this site.

    On your app, you’d do quite well to pull a and make a simple, clean app. Who gives a flip about some BS game? We want to see:
    a) your articles
    b)picture galleries ON ONE PAGE
    c)video clips

    And one vital feature: Not. One. Single. Multipage. Article.

  9. yeah, I got no suggestion since I’m not an app user currently…but I planning on getting an Android phone over the weekend and having an Unreality app would be cool so I trust all other opinions if it turns out great (specially the “not apple only” one)

  10. An optimized version in app form would be a fantastic idea. HOWEVER, please don’t make it for iPhone/iPad only. Please make an Android version as well.

  11. I would like to keep the articles/reviews and the “gif of the day” or something interesting like that. Don’t incl the posts that are just links to other pages (they’re my some of my fav posts, but I just don’t think they would work well).

    But the format should look super clean, not like I just brought it up in my browser. If you just incl articles/reviews, then maybe something similar to cracked app. If you want variety and incl videos/pics/gifs, then maybe something like how the Android market is, where you can sweep to the side and another category opens (like one page for articles, one for pics, something like that).

    I have to agree with everyone else, tho, it HAS to have Adroid support.

  12. A quick launching, optimized for a mobile version of the site! I visit your site during my lunch break at work every day and waste valuable minutes and mobile bandwidth trying to load it on my phone, it’s painfully slow!

  13. A way to bookmark favorite articles and cache them for later viewing. Maybe organize them. Also browse by Flags/tags. Voting mechanism too.

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