“That Guy” Actor of the Week: John Kapelos


“Who the hell is John Kapelos?” you might be wondering.  John Kapelos happens to be one of my favorite 80s actors of all time.  Not to be confused with John Pankow (who I’ll be featuring on a later date), Kapelos always seems to play a very cool supporting role.  From the janitor in Breakfast Club, to the disgusting fiance in Sixteen Candles, to the supportive director in Nothing in Common, Kapelos is definitely your go-to when it comes to John Hughes flicks or anything 80s with drama/comedy undertones to it.

Personally I love how this guy has lasted through the test of time.  He’s a regular on TV.  Not a regular in the sense that he has a recurring role on one show, but with 142 credits to his name, this dude gets around.

My favorite role has got to be when he played the sniffing accountant Barry on Seinfeld.   He also appeared on House and his most consistent role was playing a Motel Manager on “Days of our Lives” in 5 episodes.  Unfortunately we never find out his name.

Check out the sniffing account bit:

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