$1.2 Million Texas Home Has an Unreal Star Trek Shrine in a Secret Room


While many understand that a home is the place you’re supposed to live in for your entire life, most don’t take it to heart.  I’m a perfect example of this.  While I don’t have millions to spend on my home, shouldn’t it be a place where I truly want to be nearly every single day of my life?  Shouldn’t it be a haven of all me and my family’s little quirks?  Shouldn’t it represent most of the things I love in life?  I think partly yes and partly no.  There are rooms you can dedicate to such things and perhaps the rest of the house should be “normal.”

But this house is far from normal.  While it looks like a completely “ordinary” $1.2 million home it is far from that.

According to Business Insider:

The owner of this 6,000 square foot home in Houston Texas has spent over a year turning a secret room in his house into a Star Trek shrine but the home is now for sale of $1.2 million dollars. While it might not look like it from the outside, the home is actually one in a million. It boasts four bedrooms/bathrooms, and a crisp new kitchen. And when you make it past the lagoon-style indoor pool, you’ll run right into the secret room…A full reproduction of the USS Enterprise. The seller has dubbed it the “USS Cyrus.” The attention to detail is absolutely stunning. It even includes pneumatic doors and a 100-plus-inch screen beneath a fake sky filled with fake stars.  Even the bathroom, which has a Jacuzzi tub and a jetted shower, follows the theme.  The fantasy doesn’t stop at “Star Trek.” The master bedroom is decorated like a medieval castle.

Check out the pictures below”













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