12 Circumstances When Gaming Can Be Better Than Dating


Let’s face it; we all have a little bit of Gamer in us. Whether our game of choice is Halo or Call of Duty or Minecraft, or whether we prefer to play games in the realm of dating, we are all seeking one thing: self-gratification. When we date and when we game, we all want to feel like winners. We also want to be entertained. So which one is better? Which one provides us with the most satisfaction? I’m here to argue that gaming is, by far, better than dating.

Games like to be played

Significant others do not. A video game won’t give you a hard time for messing around with other video games in your spare time. You can fool around with as many as you want without feeling guilty.

You can save your game

When things are going well, you can save that version of your game to return to whenever things start to go astray. In a relationship, it’s not as easy. Reverting back to better times will take much more time and effort. It’s not as simple as a click of a button.

Games can’t break up with you

A game isn’t going to invite you over to their house to tell you it’s not working. A game isn’t going to decide it never wants to see you again. You can rest assured that you are “the one” for your game.  Video games are not as indecisive and as complicated as the emotions of a real human being. Games are much more reliable.

You can mute or pause a game

You can’t mute a person. They’re going to say everything that’s on their mind, whether you want to hear it or not. And it’s your job to listen.  You also can’t pause a relationship. You can’t freeze time to make a snack or plan out your next move. Despite the evolution of technology and the variety of effective dating apps, at some point dating always takes place in real time. You don’t get the chance to strategize.

You can always return a video game

In the slight chance that your game is not being as loyal or reliable as it should, you can return it. Not to mention, you’ll typically get your money back, or else trade it in for a better version.  While you could break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can never get back your hard earned time.

Your objection is not as critical in the game world

Dating is serious. The ultimate goal is usually marriage and children, at least that’s society tells us. This can feel like a scary amount of pressure. Gaming is for fun. Your quest can be as critical or as casual as you want it to be. Games have zero intentions of their own. They don’t expect you to devote every waking second with them. They don’t expect a shiny ring after five years together. They don’t even expect a total commitment.  They’re just happy to be played.

It’s easier to level up in a game than in a romantic relationship.

There’s no rulebook telling you what’s appropriate or inappropriate on the first date, or first session. The acceptable objective in video games is to get as far as possible, as quickly as possible.     In dating, you should probably take things slow. For morality’s sake.

You can yell at the screen without it yelling back at you.

A video game isn’t going to blame you for getting angry, or for taking out your frustration on it. It’s not going to talk back or start an argument.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

You can turn on a game with the touch of one button.

Turning on a video game is much easier than turning on a person. It’s takes one finger and one button. You don’t have to master the art of foreplay. A quick click and your game is ready to go!

You can cheat in a game.

It is much more common and acceptable to cheat in a video game than it is to cheat in a relationship. Jealousy is not involved. Emotions are not involved. In fact, good cheats can be Googled! That’s how communal they are.

You can share your video games with friends

It isn’t weird when you invite your friends over to take turns trying out your new game. Plus, if your friend wants to take it home for the night to look for hidden passages and secret levels, they can and you’ll be happy to hear all about it the next day. Plus, you can discuss what you like and don’t like about your game right in front of it. It will never feel judged or exposed.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one game

And you won’t be considered a cheater. There are so many games to choose from, just like there are so many “fish in the sea.” The only difference is that society doesn’t expect gamers to stick to one game for the rest of their lives.

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