Futurama’s Creatures Come to Life

I’m still crawling through season two of Futurama, as it’s not really a show you watch back-to-back-to-back. By this point, however, I am familiar with almost all of the major players, and that includes all manner of alien species that populate the┬ávarious┬áplanets.

CG artist Jared Krichevsky decided to try and bring many of the most significant aliens to life, from Dr. Zoidberg to Kif. As you can see above, the results can be downright terrifying at times.

Check out the gallery below, and yes I know I need to watch “Jurassic Bark” to truly appreciate the series.

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  1. its not even jurassic bark.

    the creators have such a way of making truly emotional stories in a half hour time. that one is the best example, but even the most recent episode, 7-10 i believe is a good example of how they can make their show have an emotional relation to many of its viewers very easily.

    in half hour, they can create an episode, that ends with more emotion than many mutli million dollar movies or other longer tv shows, and considering futuramas purpose is comedy, beating out tv dramas for emotion is quite the feat. it also brings down some of those dramas considering they go all out to jerk at the slightest tear of the viewer, but futurama can take such basic feelings and make them bigger than they appear.

  2. Jurassic Bark has nothing to do with appreciating the series…it is simply a test to see whether or not you have a heart.

    I can’t even hear “Walkin’ on Sunshine” anymore without thinking about Seymour…

    Right in the feels.

  3. To truly appreciate the series, you need to watch “The Why of Fry”, then go back and rewatch the pilot and pay very close attention to the shadows in the cryogenics lab. The fact that they foreshadowed a season 4 plot twist in the first episode shows how much thought and planning the writers put into the show.

    And personally, I prefer “Leela’s Homeworld” and “Devils Hands are Idle Playthings” over “Jurassic Bark” for my favorite dramatic/sad episodes.

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