A Collection of Funny Wii Commercials


In the competitive world of gaming, companies have to come up with interesting ad campaigns to both keep existing customers as well as reel in new ones.  And I have to admit that Nintendo is quite good at doing this.   After all, these guys have been in business for over thirty years.

Part of the allure?  Comedy.  Comedy is one of the best sales tactics out there and Nintendo uses it as well as anyone.

So in that same vane, let us take a look at a collection of funny Wii commercials for your enjoyment

Tiger Impersonating Charles Barkley


This is Incredible


You have to watch this.

Hi, I’m a Wii


Pretty ballsy if you ask me.

Banned Wii Commercial – Funny Stuff

This is great.

Sexy Wrestling Commercial

Eh, maybe it’s not that funny but I certainly smile.

Wii For Women

Sure why not?  It’s funny for the ladies.

Funny Fake Anti Wii Commercial


I like the very end.

Ghetto Parody

Yup, it’s racist but it’s damned funny.

Banned Wii Games – Awesome

Love the music

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