Five of My Favorite Games I’ll Feel Stupid Playing with Kinect

As I wrote about yesterday, Microsoft is pouring $500 million into the launch of Kinect, trying to brute force the motion-control peripheral into our hearts and minds of the video gaming public as the next evolution of console gaming.

Well I don’t buy it. Yes, the tech is pretty cool, and I will be pumped the day it’s standard procedure to flip through menus using only my hands, but for actual games? This system is more or less useless for someone like me. Out of the 17 launch titles, 9 are fitness/sports/dance related, while most of the others are family friendly party games. So how is this system ever going to adapt to REAL games, the games I want to play?

I don’t think it can, and that’s why I staged this little photoshoot in my living room to demonstrate just how silly I’m going to feel playing some of my favorite titles if they’re adapted for Kinect. Check it out below:

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  1. this is great. most people would create shitty photoshops and think they’re funny (which they aren’t). you actually went through the effort and did this with your own self.

  2. LOL Good stuff Paul. Especially like the last two.

    I still see kinect technology being modified for the computer to replace the mouse being its best ultimate use.

    For games like Halo, ME2, etc I think it’ll be best used as an additional controller option, ie still use the controller for movement, shooting, etc, but use specific motion commands for activate powers or the hacking/door opening mini-games.

  3. You had me laughing at the Mass Effect one and then you throw Arkham Asylum at me and I crack up. Well done.

    And GOW one with you taking cover behind the table would be awesome.

  4. You should do Borderlands, the part when you have to try to get a second wind. But anyway something like kinect would be better off using a form of controler that would be apropriate for the game genre like a little gun with a psp analog stick on the side for something like Halo: Reach, also combine that with a force feedback bodysuit that has high powered pistons that will break your sternum when your character gets shot, that would be awesome.

  5. Am I the only one who wants to see what a game made for Kinect + controller would do especially in Rpgs. Imagine Kinect moments as the new “puzzle sequence” or cutscene. picture if in the next halo or splinter cell right after you activate a Assassination(Melee Kill) it gave you a few brief seconds to tear your victims head off your own way while your opponent watches your work helplessly.

    Unfortunately I doubt this will happen, because the Kinect is a “wii-killer” and although that idea would be bad-ass, I know all im going to get is “Waggle to pet the Tiger” because hands on Murder doesnt attract the wii’s target market. Old people, Young children, and the non-gamer girls.

  6. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.
    +1 on what Conor said.
    Everyone wants a gimmick now.
    When I heard that Forza 4 was to use the kinect, I immediately said “okay, so I’m not getting forza 4…”

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