Five New Fall Shows That Would Be Better with Dinosaurs

Since Terra Nova doesn’t appear to be doing anything interesting with its dinosaurs, and is too busy inventing new species and forging stupid love triangles, I’ve decided to revoke its dinosaur privileges.

Dinosaurs are too cool to have their potential wasted, and as such I’m assigning them to different new fall shows in the hopes that they might spice things up a bit.

I’ve put on my ragged photoshop hat and tried to imagine what my plan might look like if the networks actually went with it. Behold, fall TV becoming better with dinosaurs:

1. Pan Am (ABC)

Terror in the skies!

2. Revenge (ABC)

Which one killed her father?

3. New Girl (Fox)

Living with three guys AND a triceratops? Oh brother!

4. Playboy Club (NBC)

“Mr. Raptor, I didn’t take your money, I swear!”

5. Hart of Dixie (The CW)

A big city girl moves to a small town where she’s the only dino vet around.

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  1. The ads for Hart of Dixie (which aired nonstop when I was streaming ANTM last week) turned it off entirely for me. Sure sure, it’s kitschy to have a non-Southerner act Southern, if it’s done well. Saying y’all out of context… not so much. DISPLEASURE. Though dinos would remedy, tis true.

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