Five Cats I’d Rather See in Memes

grumpy cat

Grumpy cat, ceiling cat, corner cat, chemistry cat, Hitler cat. The Internetz (as the kids call it these days) is so saturated with memes right now—especially cat memes. While I’d like to offer a solution to this disease societal disease, I’m sure no cure would be effective.

So, instead of ridding the world of cat memes, and subsequently gaining back all of my free time, I’ll join the Joker and just watch the world burn. (There are memes for this!) But there are other cats I’d rather see turned into memes.

5. Gatomon, Digimon


Gatomon was a sassy devil-cat when we first met her, an ally of Wizardmon and a servant of the evil Myotismon. We knew she wasn’t evil, but we had no idea she’d become the eighth DigiDestined’s partner. Even more shocking was her Digivolution into Angewomon. Gatomon’s dichotomy would serve memes well.

4. Korin, Dragon Ball/Z/GT


This ancient martial arts master who grows magical non-beanstalk-forming beans is also a trickster. When Goku first climbed Korin Tower in search of the Holy Water, Korin caused Goku to fall from the tower more than once. He also made Goku try to snatch the water away from him.

In the end, when Goku finally did get the water, Korin revealed that it was only ordinary water and that it was running up and down the tower and sparring with Korin that had made Goku stronger. While this is true, I was really hoping for some real Holy Water. His tricky, good-natured deception could make for some interesting memes.

3. Scratchy, The Itchy and Scratchy Show, The Simpsons


That was kind of like Inception.

Itchy and Scratchy are the more adult, way more violent versions of wholesome Tom and Jerry. (Speaking of which, Tom would make for great cat meme material as well.) They often use ordinary household objects to injure and maim each other, and episodes often end with Scratchy’s death. Much much more macabre than Tom and Jerry. Itchy is to Scratchy kind of what the Roadrunner is to Wile E. Coyote. Only worse. Not only would I like to see Scratchy memes, but also full-length episodes of Itchy and Scratchy mayhem. Matt Groening, are you listening to me?

2. Meowth, Pokémon


Meowth basically served as Team Rocket’s Pokémon ambassador. Despite overcoming the habit of repeating his name over and over, Meowth still says his name quite a bit, though it’s usually followed with “that’s right!” Honestly, I just imagine all of the memes ending with that. Well, maybe not all of them.

1. Mr. Kitty, South Park


This poor, poorly drawn cat is almost constantly assaulted by Cartman’s expletive-laden abusive outbursts. A simple meow yields Cartman’s wrath. “NOT NOW, KITTY! BAD KITTY!” But it’s not just a normal cat. No, this cat does weird shit. Like cat orgies and stuff. I’d like to see similar abuse towards Mr. Kitty in his memes.

Any cats you’d like to see made into a meme? Any current cat meme you loathe?

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