Guy Builds Giant Version Of A Pocket Lighter That Can Shoot Flames Eight Feet

We have seen a lot, and we do mean a lot, of people who tend to make stupid, but satisfying and crazy decisions in this age of social media and YouTube, and the ideas just seem to keep getting crazier and crazier as the years go on. Many of these ideas that get tested out are those that tend to just pop off the top of their heads, but they can make some amazing videos to watch on your down time. One such story that we have found can be seen via a video from YouTube master BrainfooTV, who decided one day to make his own version of a giant pocket lighter and test it out for himself to see what it could do. The video itself is pretty insane, to say the least, as the fire that comes from the giant pocket lighter can shoot flames that reach eight feet in length! You can see the video and all of the things that he ‘tested’ (a.k.a. burned) in the video that is posted below:

The video, initially, may be disappointing for some viewers, as BrainfooTV does not actually show you how to build the lighter itself or how to hook up all of the hoses and pieces to make it work, and with good reason. Although it is super cool to watch, the YouTuber basically created his very own flame thrower, and he doesn’t want others trying to recreate it and putting themselves in harm’s way because of it. However, he does, in the video, show you how the lighter is composed after he has created it, and describes what all of the hoses, gadgets, and other components do to help create the flame and allow it to work. Once he is done explaining somewhat the ins and outs of his giant pocket lighter, he puts his creation to the test, showing off its power on the several different levels that it has. Although we don’t get to see him really testing out its power, besides just in the air, we do see at the end of the video that he burns a row of balloons off of his fencing, and it’s pretty epic.

Of course, we don’t recommend anyone to try and recreate this giant pocket lighter that was designed and completed by YouTuber BrainfooTV; However, it is pretty cool to see one actually come to life, and the fact that it works more as a flame thrower is amazing as well. With flames that shoot out up to eight feet, this is one dangerous machine, and could cause major destruction. That being said, once again, do not try to recreate this flame throwing giant pocket lighter! Leave it to the semi professional YouTuber who seems to know what he is actually talking about. This has been our closer look at the YouTube video of a giant pocket lighter and flame thrower that can shoot flames up to eight feet.

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