Five Anime That Will Leave You Speechless

Anime has become one of the prime forms of entertainment for many. With beautiful visuals, emotional storylines, and lovable characters it’s easy to see how it can capture the hearts of many. It’s to the point where characters will have entire fandoms dedicated to them. Fanart, fan fiction, and cosplays are a driving force among the community and only serve to show just how much of an impact some animes have on people. Anime is a vast form of entertainment in itself. There are so many genres and each genre has different heavy hitters that serve to invoke a different set of emotions. Sometimes they even really impact you in a way that you can’t describe in words. They just leave you there speechless. Feeling every emotion in the book. So we wanted to highlight a few of those animes. Five of them that we can guarantee will leave you thinking about the events you just witnessed into the late night. Sometimes they’ll stop you from sleeping. They may even force you to completely binge every episode as fast as possible because you must absolutely know what comes next. Point is, these anime are incredible and we want you to see them. So here are five anime that will leave you speechless.

Demon Slayer

The goal for most shows is to have you completely wrapped around their finger in the first few minutes. It’s the goal, but the amount of shows that are actually able to do this is extremely small. It’s the reason that the three-episode rule was made. Give a show at least three episodes to really show us what it’s made of and what world-building is like. Well, Demon Slayer doesn’t need three episodes of your time, it makes fine with three minutes. Demon Slayer follows the life of Tanjiro, who comes home one day to find that his family has been ravaged by demons and his sister turned into a demon. With so many emotions he struggles to understand what happened, but he doesn’t have time to understand. Within minutes of finding his sister is a demon he finds himself face to face with a demon slayer hoping to kill his sister. Tanjiro must now prove that his sister is not a killer and find a way to return her to her human form all while joining the incredibly dangerous Demon Slayer ranks. It’s an exciting story where the author doesn’t pull his punches. You’ll be crying. A lot.

Your Lie In April

Did we mention you’ll be crying a lot when watching these anime? Well, you will, but at the top of the list for emotional anime is Your Lie In April. This anime will leave you speechless because you’ll be unable to talk from the amount of crying that you will be doing. Your Lie in April follows the story of Kousei and his journey back to the piano. Kousei has been through a lot. So much that he lost the ability to do that which loves most, play the piano. It stems from so many traumatic events being tied to his piano playing and how Kouesei becomes unable to remember why he even enjoyed playing in the first place. This clouds his mind and makes it so that he is unable to hear the notes. Then along comes Kaori who is doing everything in her power to bring Kousei and his gift back into the world of music. Its an emotional tale that is presented to us beautifully.

March Comes In Like A Lion

Another emotional rollercoaster that helps bring awareness to some of the more deeply rooted emotional issues that people can go through. March Comes in Like a Lion tells the story of Rei who grew up with an adoptive family where he felt anything but the warming embrace of family. His father and mother passed away when he was young and he was taken in by a family friend that was more into Rei’s abilities as a Shogi player rather than treating him as a soon. This cause some internal conflict within the family since his actual children grew jealous of Rei. This led to Rei moving out as soon as he could with his professional winnings. The way that March Comes in Like a Lion conveys loneliness is truly impactful and something that everyone that’s dealing with moving out and being alone should give a try. It can show you that no matter how deep of darkness you may fall into, there is always a way to pull yourself out. Always.

Fate/Stay Night UBW

Okay, we’ve shown some pretty emotional stuff so now it’s time to get back into anime that will leave you speechless because of how mesmerizing the fight scenes are. It’s no surprise that both of the anime we have on this list for their storytelling and fight scenes are made by the same studio, Ufotable. Fate/Stay Night UBW is based on the game by the same name. The game though can divert into three completely different storylines. Unlimited Blade Works is one of those storylines. All of them have the same premise, Shirou is thrown into a battle known as the “Holy Grail War” where seven people and their seven summons must battle to the death for the ultimate prize, for their greatest wish to be granted. The summons revolves around real-life heroes and villains so it’s a very interesting take into human history.

Gurren Laggan

Gurren Laggan is what happens when you take one of the most creative minds in anime and give them free rein to do whatever they want. Seriously, we can’t even begin to describe just how enormous the story for Gurren Laggan is but just know that you will be left speechless almost every other episode. It involves space, giant mech suits, coming of age, and just about every genre you can think of. The characters are amazing and will have you questioning what is right and wrong. It is one of the most beautifully crafted anime of our time. One that you can not miss and need to watch right now.

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