Good For You Ewan: No Trainspotting Sequel


If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the last five years it’s that annoying remakes and sequels suck, period.  I’m not sure how much they take away from the originals, but you can’t deny that they add a bit of taint that’s for sure.

I can’t imagine more taint than if Trainspotting did a sequel.  And I guess Ewan McGregor feels the same way.

Ewan McGregor is holding up the sequel to the movie that made him famous, because film bosses don’t want to go ahead without his participation.

Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is reportedly reteaming with author Irvine Welsh to take the writer’s novel Porno to the big screen – 13 years after Trainspotting made the moviemaker and McGregor household names.

McGregor snubbed the picture earlier this year, insisting he didn’t want to be part of a “poor sequel”, and, as a result, filming has stalled.

Remember folks, this is a movie about heroin addiction and became an indy classic in about 2 seconds.  What the hell sequel is there going to be?  Seeing Ewan go back into an abyss of drugs and get chased down by Sickboy and Begbie?  Not to mention we’d have to deal with trying to decipher Robert Carlysle’s obscene Scottish accent again.

But seriously, granted Danny Boyle is certainly a good director and probably has the skills to pull it off,  some films just shouldn’t continue.   I believe that Trainspotting qualifies as one of these films.

Put your efforts into something new.  I loved Trainspotting and would hate to see it have some kind of an evil stepbrother.

[Quote via 3News]

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  1. I do like Ewan McGregor a great deal as an actor, but “McGregor snubbed the picture earlier this year, insisting he didn’t want to be part of a “poor sequel”, ” – sorry Ewan, you’ve already been a part of THREE poor sequels. Though that was George Lucas’s fault for the most part.

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