Every Way Mario Can Die

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In his ongoing effort to rescue Princess Peach in practically every game he’s ever been in, Mario has encountered a lot of dangers, and lost a hell of a lot of lives to them.

Artist Yves Bourgelas decided to sit down and try to chronicle every single way Mario could die in every title in this humorously morbid piece. Mario goes through some awful stuff, like being burned by lava or eaten by leeches or skewered on spikes, but it also shows he’s pretty fragile, as he falls victim to snowballs, barrels and shells as well.

Did he miss any?

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  1. Eaten by giant eel, Super Mario 64.
    Fuckin goomba’d, any Mario game.
    Ran out of health, Super Smash health battle thing.
    Losing in Mario vs Sonic (awful game, still valid)

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