Dragonball Z-ing: The Latest Trend with Japanese Schoolgirls

Dragonball Z 1

Usually if you see Japanese Schoolgirls on the internet, you’re on a very different type of website, but there’s nothing weird going on here today.

Well, maybe a little weird.

But it has nothing to do with tentacles. Rather, it’s a new phototrend from Japan that beats the hell out of “planking.” Remember that? God, why are you humans so stupid sometimes?

This may be equally silly, but it’s much cooler to see. Girls and their friends pretend they have super Dragonball powers and jump at the right moment so the central figure looks incredibly powerful. I’m sure each only takes about 54 attempts to get it right, but when they do, it’s pretty neat. Check out more examples below:

Dragonball Z 8

Dragonball Z 7

Dragonball Z 6

Dragonball Z 5

Dragonball Z 4

Dragonball Z 3

Dragonball Z 2

[via Kotaku]


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  1. Some of these are technically “hadokening”, but the point is that Japan typically makes cooler things than other countries (with far fewer actual tentacles than western tentacle jokes). Planking seems pretty crap and weak compared to this, don’t it? Yeah, David, those guys are doing it wrong. See above article.

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