British Culture and Harry Potter is a New College Course We Have to Take

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I graduated college a long time ago in a land far far away.   It’s been over a decade since I received my degree.  The coolest class offered at my school was called “The Grand Canyon” in which students went to the actual Grand Canyon for 2 weeks and had to write about it.   That was the entire class.   So what else has been going on in the last decade?  Plenty.  From classes that explore The Big Lebowski to World of Warcraft strategies the latest such awesome class comes to us from California State University and is called “British Culture and Harry Potter.”   The class focuses on learning about the locations that inspired the Harry Potter books and the ones used in the film. Students will travel to places across England and Scotland such as King’s Cross Station, Warner Bros. Studio, Durham Cathedral (Professor McGonagall’s classroom), Alnwick Castle, and more.

Here are what the goals of the class are according to CSU.

Explore and experience through travel the cultural and historical locations in England and Scotland that inspired the Harry Potter series Identify and assess the similarities and differences between the novels and films and the ways in which each drew inspiration from cultural sites in Great Britain Develop critical thinking skills about complex social issues relating to inequality, race, and gender within the context of contemporary Great Britain.

Anyone else want to enroll?

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