That Time a Child Channeled Vegeta to Protect Himself from 400 Bee Stings

Recently, a boy named Andrew Kunz survived being stung numerous times by bees. In short, what happened was that he and his friend were playing with BB guns. Unfortunately, while they were playing around, Andrew accidentally hit a bee hive, which provoked a ferocious response from the residents of said hive. Andrew was swarmed when he fell, whereas his friend was able to get away. As a result, first responders were able to get to Andrew, but not before he had been stung numerous times. However, what is most interesting about the story is that Andrew psyched himself up by pretending to be Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

To be exact, Andrew claimed that he pretended to be Vegeta using Full Force Power. Like how Full Force Power protects Vegeta from extreme pain, Andrew’s own efforts seem to have offered something of that same sort of protection to him, seeing as how he is set to make a full recovery. Overall, the story is an adorable one, but what is interesting is that Andrew’s chosen method isn’t as odd as it sounds because there are people who will try to manage their pain by thinking of a suitable kind of image. Granted, said individuals tend to think of soothing landscapes that provide them with some kind of distraction, but considering that Andrew is going to be fine in spite of what was genuinely a very dangerous situation, it seems that his chosen approach worked as well.

How Dangerous Are Bee Stings?

Generally speaking, bee stings aren’t that dangerous. In most cases, a single bee sting won’t result in much more than some pain, some redness, and some swelling that should fade within a few hours’ time. More serious cases might see stronger reactions such as increased redness and increased swelling that could take somewhere between 5 to 10 days to resolve. However, what stands out about this case is that, one, Andrew wasn’t stung a single time but rather more than four hundred times in total, and, two, Andrew was allergic to bee stings. As a result, what happened to him was much more serious, which in turn, makes the fact that he is fine that much more remarkable.

After all, a serious allergic reaction can be life-threatening. This happens because a serious allergic reaction can cause a person to enter into shock, while a combination of a swollen throat, a swollen tongue, and constricted airways can cause serious breathing problems. Moreover, while some people can get a serious allergic reaction from a single bee sting, multiple bee stings can cause similar problems for even people who lack that particular issue because of the sheer amount of bee venom that gets pumped into them. As a result, Andrew was lucky in that a number of first responders were able to get to him so fast, meaning that he was able to receive medical treatment sooner rather than later. Otherwise, this story could have had a much less happy ending.

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