Disney Princesses Dress Up as Their Heroes for Halloween

Disney Princess 19

As a connoisseur of Disney Princess art, I can safely say this is one of the better collections I’ve seen in quite some time. Why? Because it combines the princesses with well, everything else we like here at Unreality. Artist Isaiah K. Stephens has decided to see what each girl would dress up as for Halloween. The result? A whole bunch of awesome combinations including but not limited to:

Katniss Pocahontas

Aurora Targaryen

Hermione Belle

Jasmine Chun-Li

And more, including Mulan Xena as seen above. You really just need to see the entire gallery for yourself below. Unreality’s unexplainable obsession aside, it’s pretty damn good.

Disney Princess 119

Disney Princess 117

Disney Princess 115

Disney Princess 113

Disney Princess 111

Disney Princess 17

Disney Princess 15

Disney Princess 13

Disney Princess 11

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