10 Movies That Feature Some Pretty Sweet Break Dance Moves

Break Dance Moves

It seems that Break Dancing has definitely found it’s way back into the main stream.  At first it was the early to mid 80’s that saw Break Dancing become an amazing phenomenon.  Somehow I feel like it got lost for a long time.

Sure there are movies with great dancing out there, but as far as battles were concerned, you really didn’t see all that much of that until You Got Served.   Nowadays the moves seem more advanced, but I’m sure the guys of the 80’s could give present day breakers a run for their money.

In any event I went to track down movies that had some pretty sweet break dancing moves in them.

There are 11 that I felt rocked pretty hard.

1.Wild Style

Features an appearance by the Rock Steady Crew and a stunt breakdance stand-in for the main character

2. Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo

Breakin’ 2 is unforgettable.  There is so much high comedy in this movie it’s not even funny.  Turbo!

3. You Got Served

The advent of the crip walk.  There’s no denying this.

4. Step Up

Say what you want about Channing Tatum but the dude can pull some moves.  There’s some cool stuff in that movie.

5. Footloose

I had to mention Footloose.  It’s only in one scene at the end but that white guy with the spaghetti arms is awesome.

6. Beat Street

Another classic from the 80’s.

7. The Freshest Kids

Sure it’s a documentary but this gives you a clear look at how the breakdancing movement really was.

8. Stomp The Yard

An extension of You Got Served.

9. Rappin’

Mario Van Peebles!

10. Zoolander

The Walkoff scene.  Are you kidding me? Sorry it’s in Spanish. Pretty funny though.

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