X-Men: First Class Fan Posters That Are Better Than the Real Ones

X-Men: First Class made headlines this year when it released this batch of posters. They looked like fan-made photoshop hack jobs, but it turned out, they were real and produced by the studio.

As it happens, fan-made photoshop hack jobs actually an produce FAR BETTER results in terms of posters, as this contest shows. I pulled some of the best entries and it really does proove that in this area, amateurs trump professionals.

Why don’t more movies crowd source movie posters? Clearly most films have one monkey just jumping on a tablet PC working the poster department, so why not open it up to a million artists who would gladly design something awesome for the publicity?

Still don’t believe me? Check out the gallery below.

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  1. Wow, those first two were really impressive!! They should just use those as the official posters, they look much better than anything Fox has at the moment, haha

  2. I love this saul bass thing but those guys using it so much, its getting so normal, i hope this mix of xmen and old nostalgic genre dont start a new age of copypasta in this theme. Sure those stuff are awesome and that opening titles the other guy did may kick the true titles in the ass but some things are enough. Like that guy who did minimalist posters on films and did posters for music videos, wtf?

  3. These are pretty cool, clearly, the big studios art dept have been running by some errand chimps, not real artiste! Also you should check out the 60s vibe cover theme of X-Men First Class for TOTALFILM magz, that quite nifty art too.

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