Disney Characters as Gotham Characters


Time for yet another Disney mash-up, this time from artist Rick Cellis, who has expertly combined a number of Disney characters with staples of Gotham, but good and evil. Elsa/Freeze is an obvious pairing, but I like Ariel/Oracle quite a bit.

I’m not sure who Catwoman is in the Disney realm if I’m being honest, as it is a bit tricky to figure out identities when 95% of you is covered in catsuit. But my favorite of all is probably the last one. Check it out below:




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    1. i’m having a hard time figuring out who that is too … Yeah … is that supposed to be Megara? Or maybe Esmerelda? Heck if I know …

  1. I think its Esmerelda. The crown looks similar to Quasimodo’s crown in the Festival of Fools. Also, I don’t think Megara has a beauty mark, and Esmerelda does.

  2. Either that or Cat woman is Meg from Hercules. If you think about it she loves the main Hero, does so bad things to him, but winds up with him anyway.

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