Artist’s Renderings of Harry Potter…FROM THE FUTURE!

So yes, this is a far cry from the art styles we usually feature on the site here, but it caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. It’s from a DeviantArtist named SpicyStewedDemon who is something of a die hard Potter fan.

In her collection she has many characters from the universe, but this particular set I thought was rather cool, as it depicts what Harry Potter might look like as a stylized space saga. That’s Harry above as you can see, but there are nine more cast members rendered in the same style that you can check out below, and she’s adding more to the collection every day.

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  1. Did anyone else notice the artist spelled “chief” wrong twice. Also for Neville he put “Iss” instead of “ISS”. If it was me I would probably check that kind of thing before posting it.

  2. Really cool ideas. Could spawn some seriously good (or seriously bad, depending on who’s at the helm) fan fiction; I love the idea of Luna being an alien species and Neville being the crew’s go-to botanist.

    My one big gripe is with the legs. Kinda tacked on, like the artist said, “Oh, yeah, humanoids have legs. Oh, well. Just draw some parallel curves here aaand here.” Otherwise, I’m fine with joints not being a big deal for this artist.

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