It Should Be a Movie By Now: Gummi Bears


by Lucas Tetrault

What paved the way for cartoons shows that stand the test of time?  The Powerpuff Girls – nope. Rugrats – nope. How about Ed, Edd, and Eddy? – nope. It seems like a lot of the amazing cartoons we had during my generation that a lot of people remember, such as Duck Tales, DarkWing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Talespin and yes Gargoyles all came about thanks to the Gummi Bears.

View the intro below … I warn you the song will haunt you all day.

Muahahaha – you’re welcome

So if you haven’t seen the Gummi Bears I’m going to do you a solid right now. Go to YouTube, type in Gummi Bears and voila! The first two choices are hours of Gummi Bear episodes at your fingertips. Go on, watch a few … I’ll wait.

Done? Good deal. Now I ask you again, why isn’t this a movie by now?!  To tell you the truth, just watching the intro my mind goes straight to the Dark Crystal. Who can honestly say that they don’t like the Dark Crystal aside from maybe my wife? (hint – she doesn’t do fantasy movies) I immediately think of the Skeksis and how they looked and then I think of this guy:


Okay Dukie…

Don’t you think that they could do some amazing costume/puppet work like they did with the Dark Crystal or even Where the Wild Things Are movie? Make these creatures come to life! Whoa, I just caught up to my own brainstorming, what about the movie TED!? That right there shows that this,


…could easily become this.


Now this time around I don’t think casting for the Gummi Bears themselves is necessary to point out. They would all be voice acted and there could be hundreds of talents that could fit each character. No, this time we would need to cast for the actual human roles in the show, the villain – The Duke, the wannabe Knight hero – Cavin, the Princess damsel in distress – Calla and her father – King Gregor.


Had a hard time not using a Nic Cage meme here.

The Duke could easily be Nic Cage. (don’t laugh I’m serious) Ezra Miller as Cavin is an up and coming talent that could befriend the loveable bears. AnnaSophia Robb is a shoe in for the Princess Calla role – see the Bridge to Terabithia and you’ll understand. Finally we come to Sir Sean Connery as the mighty King Gregor, do I really need to explain why he fits?

Look, I’m sure that many of you probably don’t want to see the Gummi Bears as a major motion picture, but some classics deserve to make a comeback. The youth of today need to know of the afternoon show that they might not have even heard of in the first place. If I mention Gummi Bears and some of you can only picture those colorful chewy treats … then we clearly have a problem. Don’t drink the Gummiberry Juice kids, there are better cartoons out there, and they deserve their time on the silver screen.


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  1. Hahaha my wife has never even heard of it! Deprived I tell you! For shame! Excellent cartoon! Cartoons these days are mostly trash! Makes me happy I grew up in the 80’s-90’s.!

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