Design a Batman Tattoo: Win a Video Game


Alright, so my buddy had a rather cool idea for an Unreality contest. He’s looking for a Batman-themed tattoo to put on the arm seen above. You can photoshop or draw your way to victory, the winner will get a free video game and an immortal place on his body. I’ll let him explain the details:

“This contest is for the best entry of fan art (of any kind), where the winner’s submission will be tattooed on my body, specifically my left bicep.  All entries of any kind will be considered including, but not limited to: drawings, photoshop, or even verbal descriptions a tattoo artist could use to make a drawing.  You DO NOT have to be a great artist to win.  As long as I choose your concept, even though I may have it re-drawn, you will be the winner. PLEASE NOTE: Because this is something I will be getting tattooed on MY body, a winner is NOT guaranteed.

The winning submission will receive the video game of his or her choice for any gaming system available, including PC or Mac (Up to a value of $60), and will have the tattoo featured on the site when comleted.

Here are the specifications of what I’m looking for and please be as creative as possible:

  • The tattoo is Batman themed, specifically focusing on the the topic of “the good (light) always rises out of darkness.”
  • I would prefer the Batman logo in some way, but any Batman themed submissions are accepted and will be considered.
  • Regarding the logo, I want it to be recognizably the Batman logo, but to be a unique twist making it one of a kind, sharp, dark, and have a sort of pop to it.
  • I want the final product to also include some variation the the text: “We fall so we can learn to get back up.”  The EXACT wording and phrasing of this can be edited in any way to fit your design, as long as the message stays the same and is grammatically correct.
  • The rest is up to you, so be creative, make it unique and sharp-looking, and I can’t wait to see the final product.

Please send all submissions, and/or any questions, to: and also (be sure to send him the submissions as well).”

Well, this should be interesting. Alright, make something good so he actually does this! And so I can buy someone a game!

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  1. love the idea.
    too bad i’m ungifted in terms of creativity.

    you can buy me a game anytime without me creating a tattoo for you, so that argument doesn’t count :p

    will all the submissions be shown somewhere or just the top ten or so?

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