Marvel Heroes Get Reimagined

What do talented, bored artists do in their spare time? Why redesign their favorite superheroes of course. I believe we’ve featured rhinoting on the site here before, but I can’t exactly remember why. It’s possible we may have posted his new Punisher rendition already, but if so, you haven’t seen the rest of these Marvel heroes.

He’s going for a 2099 style redesign of some of Marvel’s best icons, from Punisher to Deadpool to Ghost Rider to Hawkeye. Ghost Rider looks kind of the same, as I guess there’s only so much you can really do with a flaming skull and leather jacket.

Check out his work below, and if he posts any more heroes, I’ll do an update later.

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  1. Hawkeye has no need for a laser sight! Ever! He is more accurate than Bullseye, so yeah, no aim assistance needed.

    Guy does have some talent.. I don’t know if he has trouble with faces or not, but my advice would be to tackle them head-on and just keep drawing them. Reference or no… that’s the best way to take on something you have difficulty drawing. Especially cuz you gotta draw faces at some point. (And you don’t want to be known for not drawing something – like Rob Leifield)

  2. I don’t get this at all. They all look like variations of Snake Eyes battle armor, except for Ghost Rider who looks like he could pass for the original. This follows the Hollywood trend of just making everything black. Batman is boring in all black the X-men were boring in all black. Much better in First Class, Spider Man was boring in all black, what’s next superman in all black? These are not re-imagined they are just black. Would it be so bad if Deadpool was red like he’s supposed to be?

    This artist has amazing talent, but a lot of this stuff does not need re-imagining (Total Recall anyone?) if you want to be imaginative make up your own characters and stop ruining what belongs to someone else.

  3. @ Captain Obvious
    None of these designs in black are a radically new take.

    Deadpools done the all black duds before

    Ultimate Hawkwye is all black and red

    As far as your complaints about hollywood. Spidey has had the black symbiot costume for fucking years

    And supermans had a black costume, like over a decade ago.

  4. @ Ben

    Yes Ben I am aware that some of these characters have worn black costumes, you forgot that even Captain America wore a black costume.

    But you are missing the point, they are boring, It’s interesting to see them in different light for about five minutes the comic creators know this that is why the original costume ALWAYS comes back eventually. A character wearing a black costume for a few months in a serial comic is the equivalent to them wearing it for about one second in a movie where you are lucky to even see them in costume at all.

    Don’t get me started on Spider-man, was his costume anywhere near the original black symbiote?

    Nope, it’s just the regular costume in black, boring AND lazy.×480.jpg

    By saying this has been done for decades, you are reinforcing my point that dressing them in all black is neither original or imaginative.

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