Debate of the Day: Would You Watch a Saul Goodman Show on AMC?


I thought this was a leftover April Fool’s joke at first, but it seems that AMC is actually considering making a Breaking Bad spin-off show starring sleaze lawyer extraordinaire, Saul Goodman. It might even be a half hour comedy. What?

Vince Gilligan via Deadline:

“I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He’ll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun — I would like that.”

So….does this mean that Saul will indeed survive to the end of Breaking Bad? Or could this be a prequel. Either way, is this a good idea?

I mean, I’m all for continuing the Breaking Bad universe perhaps, but this seems like an odd way to do it. And would Vince Gilligan make this his next full-fledged project? I feel like his talents would be better used elsewhere.

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  1. I feel like it would be a good direction if they play it right. It would be a shame if they made it a comedy, because really how can you make something comedic about a crooked lawyer? Unless it’s dark humor of course. If the writers are up to it, I think they can cook up (pun intended) some pretty thought provoking cases for Saul Goodman. Maybe some that challenge his morals, even if he always seems hell bent on getting the most money or benefits for himself. An who knows, maybe we’ll run into Walter, Jesse, or any of them if this were a prequel.

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