10 Great Videos Featuring the Hilarious Danny McBride

As I’ve written before, and as far as I’m concerned, Danny McBride is batting 1.000 in his comedy career.  He’s been funny in literally everything I’ve seen him.  And while I haven’t seen Land of the Lost from start to finish (why would I?), the scenes featuring Danny I saw on cable were actually pretty funny, too.  I think the first time I saw Danny was in Hot Rod, easily one of my favorite recent comedies, thanks in large part to his character Rico.  Eastbound and Down starts up again this coming Sunday, and personally, I can’t wait.  Whereas many comedic actors eventually tire me, I’m yet to get sick of Danny McBride.  Hopefully, you’re like me and can enjoy the 10 hilarious Danny McBride video clips I posted below.

Rico totally gets a new hat and wears it for his dance party in Hot Rod:


Kenny Powers dances on ecstasy:

Drunk history:

A great scene from The Foot Fist Way:

Red’s cold sore in Pineapple Express:

Homeless and sexy in Drillbit Taylor:

A great deleted scene from All the Real Girls:

Amazing catchphrase from Tropic Thunder:


The gang scene from Observe and Report (click through to watch):

Verbally abusing Craig Robinson:

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