Dead Space Remake: Where To Find The Best Suit

The Dead Space Remake takes the classic cosmic survival horror game and enhances it in every way. Not only with nuances to the gameplay but also with cosmetics. There are a number of new weapons and suits to find in this new version of terror within the Ishimura. In classic Dead Space, reaching the Level 5 suit was the maximum point of protection. However, with this remake, it is now possible to find a Level 6 suit. Which, by the way, boasts some rather hefty stats to help out Isaac Clarke during his harrowing adventure.

Now, players must note that acquiring this suit isn’t achievable during the first playthrough. It can only be garnered during the New Game Plus mode. Hence, it will take some time and work to get a hold of this attire. Of course, it is worth it due to the heightened challenges that await in this mode. The Level 6 suit helps with the amped-up danger that is in the second playthrough. Furthermore, the Level 6 suit is also one of the most striking-looking suits in the entire game.

This suit is the most militant-looking armor in Dead Space. This is because it’s the same getup that the EDF army wears. This suit cranks Isaac’s armor stats up to 30%. Which is a major upgrade from the Level 5 suit. There is a step-by-step process to getting this suit and players can overlook it if they’re not paying attention.

How To Get The Level 6 Suit

After completing the Dead Space Remake campaign on any difficulty, go back to the main menu. Scroll down and find the New Game Plus selection. Start a new game and with it, players will have some extra credits in their pocket as a reward. Venture through Chapter 1 and scour for the first store. Within the Hangar Decks Tram area, the first store of the game will be found there. The Level 6 suit will be available for about 90,000 credits.

Buy the suit and simply equip it. You will be good to go for the rest of the playthrough. Thus, players will also have access to their previous items and gear from their initial adventure. For the New Game Plus mode, players are going to need every edge that they can get. The Level 6 suit will certainly help out against the Necromorphs, no doubt. With that said, there are other suits to find in the game. Depending solely on which version players have purchased.

Other Notable Suits To Find

Now, with the Dead Space Remake, there are also other nifty suits that Isaac can find. His standard engineering rig is there, for sure. Fortunately, there is also some other surprising garb to be found on the Ishimura. This is especially true with the Deluxe Version of this game. This remake offers some of the same outfits as the classic version of this title. However, there are also some rather new and interesting variations, as well. With them, of course, are stats that players can use to their advantage.

Level 5 Suit

  • This is the highest suit Isaac can adorn during his first playthrough. The schematic for this suit can be found in Chapter 10, inside the showers within the locker room. This suit will provide 30 inventory slots and 20% resistance damage. It costs 60,000 credits.

Level 4 Suit

  • During Chapter 7, head downstairs and look for a workbench sitting against a wall. The schematic for this suit will be sitting there. It will give Isaac 26 inventory slots along with 15% damage resistance. This suit costs 35,000 credits to acquire.

Level 3 Suit

  • Players can locate the schematic for this suit in Chapter 4 sitting on a bench within the Eve Prep area. It comes with 22 inventory slots and 10% resistance damage. It costs 20,000 credits to purchase.

Level 2 Suit

  • Toward the finishing segment of Chapter 1, the suit is located at the store for 10,000 credits. It comes with 18 inventory slots along with 5% resistance damage.

Level 1 Suit

  • This is Isaac’s default engineering rig at the start of the game. Furthermore, it has 12 inventory slots and obviously the weakest resistance of the entire game.

Special Suits

With the Deluxe Version of this Dead Space Remake, there are some striking designs for Isaac’s suit to find. They don’t offer any special stats to speak of. Instead, they are there strictly for cosmetic purposes. The new suits that can be used are the; Burnished Suit, Bloody Suit, Sanctified Suit, Anodized Suit, and Bloody Suit. Signing up on EA Play Pro or purchasing the Deluxe Version will have these suits available in any store. They will be waiting to be picked up.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Burnished Suit will only show up after completing Dead Space on Impossible Mode. Starting the game one New Game Plus and visiting a store will have it available. Moreover, this suit adds a slick new representation of Isaac, which makes him look all the more hardcore. Additionally, this design is fitting given the hellish challenge players will need to go through to acquire it.

Finally, other variations of Isaac’s classic rig are also available to unlock with the Deluxe Version. There are the Infested Suit, Venture Suit, and Lone Survivor Suit. These suits are gorier and more visually arresting counterparts to Issac Clarke’s default rig, respectively. Just like the other DLC suits, these rigs don’t offer any help with combat. They are strictly for freshening up Isaac’s look and visual identity. Dead Space Remake is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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