Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Mischief

Now, I’m not gonna call Mischief a crappy movie by my own standards because I love it.  But when you talk about quality films that have real stories and the kinds of movies that you know will be acclaimed then, Mischief is not one of these.  In fact I’d bet my like that it was panned back in the day.

However, this is a movie that takes me back to my childhood in a big way.   Just check out this kick ass synopsis:

Nerdy Johnathan always pined for beautiful and popular Marilyn, but she never looks at him twice, that is, until the cool and calm motorcycle riding Gene Harbrough comes along and teaches Johnathan some lessons in cool and how to get the girl. Gene himself crashes into Bunny, a sweet neighbor with a boyfriend that almost ran over him the first day they met. Now with everyone acquainted to each other, will the Gene get the girl of his dreams, and will Johnathan ever get a chance to score?

Oh and let’s not forget whose in this movie.   Uh yeah, we see Kelly Preston topless which is reason enough to see this film.  Second? A young Doug McKeon who was fresh off of On Golden Pond.   Jamie Gertz is even in this movie!  I mean does the year 1985 get any better for the making of youth movies?  I really don’t think so.

The Trailer is after the jump…..


This movie kicks ass.

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  1. I first caught this movie when I was in high school. I had bad bouts of insomnia and would be up until 5am. While watching TV one night this movie was the late late movie and yes, I was sucked in. I went so far as to tape it so I would have it but that VHS has long since been lost.

    Thank you for reminding me of his movie and it’s awesome and awkwardness.

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