Cosplay of the Day: The Mechromancer


I’ve currently loaned out my copy of Borderlands 2, so I haven’t been able to play any of the DLC or use the new character classes yet, but perhaps someday I’ll get my turn with the Mechromancer. The costume for Gaige you see here is by Kamil Kurylonek, and was taken at London Comic Con not too long ago. She was part of a larger Borderlands costume group, the rest of which you can see here.

Gaige is meant to be sort of a cyberpunk, homicidal teenager, and her power is a giant robot she can summon to appear and wreck stuff. Far more interesting than the standard soldier turret if you ask me. I always did hate that class. Really looking forward to trying her out myself at some point.

Check out another pair of photos of Kamil’s Gage below via Fashionably Geek:


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  1. Kinect is not pleased to hear you’re loaning out your game Paul. That means Kinect is making less money. Kinect will put a stop to this Paul.


  2. Borderlands is my favorite game franchise…..I guess ever. Couch Co-Op is my thing though. Anyway, I used Gaige in my single player run through Borderlands2 and she was just too powerful; so be advised! (I guess you could counter with higher difficulty setting).

  3. The neat thing about Gaige’s gameplay is that ease is largely determined by her tree. Playing as an shotgun anarchist, it can get pretty rough when your accuracy is -1000% and your blasts fly behind you as often as they do in front of you.

  4. The bf and I are currently on our second playthrough with the new characters. He’s the psycho character and I am LOVING gaige! She’s so fun and her power is awesome.

  5. Oh wow i only just found this through google, i’m glad you liked my costume although Kurnikoff did make it look truly badass with his photography skills. The rest of the group has to be given credit though
    Also tips for people wanting to play the mechromancer class in borderlands 2, if you go down the bff tree, get a decent roboteer class mod and AS cooldown relic, you will be over powered in no time 🙂

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