Cosplay of the Day: Lil’ Michonne and Daddy


How do you know you’re a great father? When you allow your preteen daughter to lead your around a comic convention on a chain while shirtless and holding your arms behind your back. It sounds kinkier than it is, because once you see that it’s all for the glory of a great Walking Dead costume, it’s not creepy at all.

Rather, it’s purely badass, and this is the best Michonne costume I’ve seen to date, even if the girl is about half the age of the real one. Those zombie eyes are what make it. I feel like they’re staring into my soul. Michonne scowls about 30% more than this however. Needs more rage, girl!

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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  1. What a world we live in… Makes me wonder if all that censorship our parents put on us with the media we digested as children wasn’t actually a bad thing.

    Nothing against the quality of the cosplay… It’s spot on. Well done. But if my Dad let me view The Walking Dead at her age and had me dress up with him at conventions, I don’t know what to think. I’m all for father & child bonding, but I don’t know about this one. There are definitely far more important things in this world to put your effort/thought/care into than teaching your child dress-up to fulfill some sort of need for accompaniment. I just don’t know. I’m not trying to hate, that is my genuine thought after viewing this.

    Again, I can’t take anything away from the level of quality in this cosplay.

  2. @Tim
    Agreed on most of that, but I think it all varies child to child, family to family. Paul wrote an article earlier this year on how it’s shocking that walking dead is only TV-14 for how violent it is. Somehow zombie violence gets a pass in the rating department apparently.

  3. Tim that’s ridiculous. “There are definitely far more important things in this world to put your effort/thought/care into than teaching your child dress-up to fulfill some sort of need for accompaniment.”
    Is that what’s going on here? Can you tell from one photo of this fun loving father that took his daughter in costume to a convention did it only to “fulfill some sort of need for accompaniment?”
    Get off your high horse; you don’t know anything about these two. When my daughter is her age, I hope she still wants to hang out with me sometimes and do fun stuff as opposed to most girls her age who don’t want anything to do with their parents on their free time.

  4. @bigpartymaker Take it easy man(I know that sounds weird coming from me), it’s an opinion… same as yours. I’m not on a high horse and I don’t have a full view of the man and his daughter’s life. I would however have a problem with allowing my young child to watch the gruesome violence depicted in The Walking Dead. How do I know it’s violent? Because I like my fare share of violent media and there have been a number of times while watching the show that I’ve said, “Jeez, this is incredibly violent, even for me.” That’s not to take anything away from the show either. I don’t have a low opinion of the man or his family. It was simply a thought provoking picture.

    Like MattChi said, Paul has stated his shock with the violence featured in The Walking Dead, and he’s into his fare share of violent media. I’m not alone in perceiving The Walking Dead as an (at times) extremely violent show, and therefore (if I had children) as a sensible parent I would have to take concern with my roughly teenaged daughter viewing such extreme violence, not to mention my participation in her viewing/interest.

    Having standards and wanting to be a good parent doesn’t put someone on a high horse. Your reply is an illustration of the lemming-like thought process many possess. Just because it’s broadcast, doesn’t necessarily make it appropriate viewing for all ages.

  5. I didn’t mean to stir up sh*t, Paul. It was a genuine thought I had based off the picture. I can respect the father/daughter bonding and level of detail in the cosplay.

    On a side note (totally unrelated), it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on the new Community episodes that have been airing. I’ve noticed much hasn’t been mentioned on the site since its return to air. I could barely get through last night’s puppet episode. The show seems lobotomized compared to its former self. I was just wondering your thoughts on the subject.

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