Comic Book Films – Old News?


So I’m sure that you all read this yesterday right? Robert Downey was doing an interview plugging his movie The Judge and was asked if he gets jealous when another superhero movie comes out and becomes popular. His response might have surprised some but I think that I see his point and might be slightly siding with him on this. He replied with this:

“Honestly, the whole thing is just showing the beginning signs of fraying around the edges. It’s a little bit old. Last summer there were five or seven different ones out.”

What gives? The guy that I would argue was one of the larger catalysts for comic book movies doing so well now a days basically seems to be getting tired of the superhero genre. I’ll touch on a little more about this after the jump but I’m really looking for the Unrealtors to sound off on this one.

Remember this scene?

Seeing this for the first time in theater just made me want to stand up do a karate kick and scream f*ck yeah!

For me, this was a comic book movie that I had been waiting for. One that did a terrific job utilizing maybe not one of the most popular comic book characters but developing his character so well that he was instantly a favorite – now. Not only that but John Favreau and company manufactured a comic book movie that had great fun, action, acting, and a half way decent plot all wrapped up into one movie that felt grounded and real more than Batman Begins or X-Men ever did. (at least to me) The problem it faced was that it came out the same year the Dark Knight did and everyone jumped on the Christopher Nolan bandwagon. (not that Dark Knight wasn’t great – but I’ve always favored Iron Man more) This is all irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make. I just wanted to reiterate that Robert was part of something that was really kickstarting the superhero genre in a really good way.

Comic book movie adaptations have since blown up and many are saying that they’re out of control. In 2008 alone we had Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Dark Knight, Hellboy II, Punisher, Jumper, Wanted, Hancock, and the Spirit. I won’t list off the huge list that has come after this, but suffice it to say that it’s a lot. We’ve been given high points such as Guardians of the Galaxy that shows despite the publics lack of actually knowing any of the source material it can still make a great movie. Then we’ve also had lows like the Green Lantern where everyone second guessed the genre and wondered what would happen next.

Now it seems like the big thing is to mash them all up and have crossover events. This is not only happening in cinema but television too! (see: Arrow/Flash on CW) At first, I loved the idea of having multiple character films being brought together to form a “team-up” film. No one can say that the Avengers was a “bad” movie – at least I don’t think so. Yet, it seems like this has paved the way for the over-saturation in theaters and all the comic book films that are being fed to us year after year.


Look, I’m a huge comic book fan and I’ll continue dumping my money into the movie theater to go see these flics. As a kid I always dreamed of being able to see this stuff and now that we’re finally getting quality movies (for the most part) I’m going to let my inner child run rampant. Though with that said, I can see the argument from both sides of the coin. Are there far too many comic book movies being made? Sure, yes. Are they all good movies? No, probably not. Now it’s also spilling over into television with Gotham, Arrow, the Flash, Smallville, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Constantine and the list just goes on and on. Is Hollywood getting lazy or is it simply the easy way to make a lot of money? We watched films like the Dark Knight and Iron Man and thought that those directors/production companies weren’t out just to make good money but that they truly wanted to make good films. Yet, it’s hard to look at everything happening now and still think that 100% of the time.

This is where you guys come in – with the comments from Robert Downey Jr., the talk of Marvel’s Civil War event looming in the future, the Justice League inevitability, and everything happening on TV – is it all too much? What are your thoughts?



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