Classic Video Games Made Incredibly Easy: A Gallery


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  1. first off i wanted to say i was a fan of your site before i was a chiver. that being said i just realized that you do this site mainly by yourself, and the chive has a staff. I would just like too say that i applaud you sir! they have many ppl scouring the web looking for funny pictures while you tend to actually “blog” about them. your journalism about each subject stands out. this came too me yesterday as i was waiting for you next post when i thought,
    ” damn this guy takes a long time to post “. then it hit me this dude does it by himself, and he actually take time to write a short story about said story. the chive is good for funny pics but they have something like 20 ppl working for them and they can barely be bothered too write more than a paragraph. I appreciate your work and I thank you for your funny and “similar” views on many many things.

    -kinda buzzed-

  2. the last 1 s battle toads in the level shown you have to ride on that thing at super fast speed and try not to hit anythng its showing him picking it up and walking through the level, qute funny actually

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