10 Badass Super Mario Track Remixes


So yesterday I heard a pretty excellent remix of a Mario track on the internet, so naturally, I went on the hunt to find all the best Mario theme remixes I could find and put them all together in a list. It’s kind of what I do here.

No, not all of these are the classic Super Mario Bros. theme you’re thinking of. Actually, I don’t know if any of them are.  They’re from everything to Super Mario to Dr. Mario to Mario Kart to Mario Galaxy, and some of them have some pretty sick beats. My favorite is the last one however, which isn’t remotely dance clubby. You’ll see what I mean.

Check them all out below:

1. Koopa Castle

2. Dr. Mario

3. Bowser’s Castle


4. Rainbow Road

5. Underwater Theme

6. Yoshi’s Island

7. Yoshi’s Island – Castle


8. Mario 64

9. Overworld


10. Mario Galaxy

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  1. I’ve never really been one for this type of music, and after listening to all that you had to offer, I still don’t care for it. I listened to the first two all the way through, but it felt like such a torturous task to undertake that I decided to listen to the rest at the same time. Well, except for the last, since you made it clear that it was your favorite. To be honest, listening to all the other ones at the same time didn’t sound all that bad, it didn’t sound amazing or anything, but could I really tell the difference?!?

    As it was for you, the final remix is also the best in my opinion. It’s the only one I could myself listening to multiple times. The song never once made me think of Mario, but then again, it’s been so long since I last played a Mario game that may very well be the reason why. Instead, it reminded me of the score in The Truman Show, mainly the part at the end when he’s recovering from the storm sequence.

    Not the most exciting topic I’ve seen on the site, but still something worth checking out. I mean, it got me to talk about it, and isn’t that sort of the point!

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