Classic Games Get Cover Redesigns by Olly Moss

I didn’t know it until I checked, but as it turns out Olly Moss is one of our favorite artists on the site here. He’s been responsible for some cool movie poster redesigns, and a memorable Star Wars trilogy rendering in particular.

Today he’s back with a series of video game prints that make them look like classic novels. The Grand Theft Auto one above was my favorite, but the rest are definitely worth checking out as well. He’s hinted that he might make even more of these, but it’s possible he’s saving them for an upcoming print book. In the meantime we’ll just have to enjoy the one’s he’s given us already.

Check them out below:

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  1. Isn’t this rather similar to the Thirty Days of Videogames by A.J. Hateley, which also showed video games as classic books? (I think that artists was also featured on this site!) They look identical, to be honest. >o<

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