Five Awesome Cheats for Mount and Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade: Warband has been out for close to a decade’s time. As a result, interested individuals should have no problems finding cheats with which to make the play-through experience better for them. In fact, it should be mentioned that the player can unlock cheats by going to the Game tab under Configure on the launcher, meaning that this is very simple and straightforward. Here are some of the best cheats for this particular title:

See the Full Map

CTRL + T can be used to reveal the entire map. This means not just cities, castles, and parties but also the unit line-ups associated with those cities, castles, and parties. As such, CTRL + T can be considered one of the most useful cheats in the entire game because it possesses a wide range of uses under a wide range of circumstances. For example, if the player is looking for a specific party so that they can complete an associated quest, this can do a great deal to help them find it. Likewise, if the player is looking for a challenging but not too challenging fight but can’t find one in their surroundings, this is the cheat that is most capable of helping them. Having said that, it should be mentioned that CTRL + T is best used in combination with another cheat, which leads to the next point.


By holding CTRL, the player can teleport their party to the location pointed out by their mouse cursor by clicking upon the left mouse button. As such, it can be used to eliminate travel time, thus making matters much more convenient for interested individuals. On top of that, this cheat can be used to either chase down faster parties or evade faster parties, meaning that players will never have to fight a battle unless they want to. If there is one issue with teleportation, it is that its extensive use can cause too little time to pass, which can cause the completion of some missions to hold up. However, that is a simple problem with a simple solution in the form of just waiting as needed until the requirements have been met.

Full Heal

There are a number of cheats that can be used in the middle of battle. One excellent example would be CTRL + F4, which kills enemies. Another excellent example would be CTRL + ALT + F4, which knocks out enemies instead. However, there is no mid-battle cheat that is as useful as CTRL + H that can be used to restore the player character to full health. The reasoning is simple and straightforward. The combat makes up most of the game’s appeal. As a result, while interested individuals can skip over the combat with ease by using the aforementioned cheats, that would rob them of much of the fun of their playthrough experience. Instead, CTRL + H offers a neat compromise that will enable interested individuals to win any battle while still preserving some measure of challenge.

Moreover, it is an excellent solution for the problem of what players believe to be unfair kills. Basically, the player-character possesses no inherent superiority to other characters running about the battlefield in this game. As a result, it is perfectly possible for players to see their player-characters get struck down by a great deal of bad luck. For example, chances are good that long-time players will have had the ignomious experience of being shot in the face by a very lucky (or very unlucky) arrow, thus killing them in a single instant before they have had the chance to contribute in a meaningful way to the battle. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon for players to get chased down by an entire team of combatants while they are caught on foot, with the result that they get overrun by sheer numbers rather than a lack of skill on their part.

For such scenarios, CTRL + H can be the perfect solution for interested individuals. Speaking of which, it should be mentioned that there is a related cheat in the form of CTRL + SHIFT + H, which heals the player’s horse rather than the player’s player-character. Suffice to say that there are plenty of builds that are very reliant on their horse for mobility as well as for a meaningful ability to contribute to the battle, meaning that it can be just as useful as its counterpart.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the game has a gold cheat that can be activated by pressing CTRL + X, which will give them 1,000 gold. Please note that this particular cheat is limited for use on certain screens. For example, it can be used on the inventory screen. Likewise, it can be used when buying and selling items from various merchants. Having said that, if this cheat has a problem, it is that it gives 1,000 gold with each use. As a result, particularly expensive purchases can force interested individuals to spend quite some time pressing the relevant buttons again and again until they get their desired results. It is interesting to mention that this same cheat can provide experience rather than gold when used on the character screen. This can be a useful way to provide a player-character with some early levels. However, it won’t be too long before this process becomes both tedious and time-consuming because the experience needed for each successive level will increase by leaps and by bounds.

Stats Editing

Instead, those who want to have the most powerful character possible might want to look into stats editing instead, which is much easier than what they might have expected. In short, interested individuals can go to Statistics on the character screen where they can find an option to export their current character. This will create a text file in the relevant Documents folder for the game, which can be edited using Notepad. Once the text file has been opened up, changing the stats is as simple as replacing the existing numbers with something better-suited for interested individuals’ needs and preferences. After which, they can go to Statistics in order to import the modified version of the character that they exported earlier.

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