Seven Over the Top Bollywood Action Scenes

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of how ridiculous the action movies from Bollywood are but if you are not then you are in for a serious treat.  Think Matrix in terms of special effect absurdity and then think “everyday Joe” in terms of the guys that actually play the superstars.

Then toss in some ridiculous dubbing, funny laughing, and amazing music and you’ve got yourself some high comedy as well as entertainment.

Check out these seven over the top Bollywood action scenes…..

Thanks to Ranker for some of these clips

The Coolest Rescue Ever

According to this film, Magadheera,  Jeeps actually GAIN speed when they encounter large, ramp-shaped rocks and air resistance.  This clip is a testament that American movies really need to learn more from places like Syfy.   People enjoy ridiculously fake action scenes.  It’s just that simple.

Now That’s How You Shoot

In most situations a man taking on a twin prop airplane with only his gun might seem pretty dire.   Certainly not in this case.  Plus when you’re wearing sunglasses and a wife beater like that the odds have to be in your favor.  Way to go guy!

The Best Deflection Ever

The Matrix and Superman have absolutely nothing on this guy.

Best Fight Scene Ever

OK the dubbing is amazing enough.  Second of all I’m pretty sure we’ve featured this scene on this site before.  I think the main lesson to be learned here is that Aishwira Rai is really hot.

Coolest Bottle Drinking Guy

Mick Dundee’s got nothing on this guy.

Kicked into Another Dimension

You know what’s amazing about this guy?  He’s pretty much no different than Ron Jeremy.   That’s what I love about Bollywood.  Every single action star looks kind of a like a pervert who would be on To Catch a Predator.

The Unstoppable Hero

Everything the guy in this clip does does seems to be multiplied by 10, as if he has an emerald from Sonic the Hedgehog in him, and everything his opponents do seems to be in absolute slow mo

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  1. I feel obliged to tell you that out of all the clips, only two of them are ACTUALLY Bollywood – the Aishwariya Rai one and the very last one. The rest of them are the products of the Tamil movie industry, Tollywood – an industry that prides itself, from what i’ve seen, on the most batshit insane things to appear in a movie since the dawn of time.

  2. As Blade3k3 pointed out, only the 4th and 7th one are bollywood, the rest are Tollywood.Btw the guy from the bottle drinking scene is Rajnikanth and Rajnikanth can chuck Norris.

  3. You could have a website dedicated entirely to the batshit insane scenes from Indian movies (Bollywood or other).

    By the way, I don’t know which scene came first, but didn’t Bruce Willis use a cop car to take out a bad guy helicopter in the most recent Die Hard?

  4. Man I grew up watching movies like this, so when i came into America and saw these gay small no crazy kick flipping the guy action, I was like wtf all these movies are all about the graphics and CG, where is the cool action scenes guys jumping off and getting kicked and somehow do a flip.

  5. like many b-grade low budget movies in hollywood, and plus over the top actions scene of movies like Shoot’em Up or even bullet bending of Wanted

    all audiences enjoy some exaggeration. Hate Bollywood for not these scene but mostly becoz of CGI they use to execute them. but science is taken for ride more in Western movies than Bollywood.

    Rest if people love it lol what can one say …

    whether in India or elsewhere

  6. I recently saw Enhiran – which I see as a cross between classic Frankenstein, the Terminator, Chuck Norris, and a musical. Endlessly entertaining, funny, and without much in the way of nudity, foul language, or realistic blood. Impossible and implausible? Certainly, but entertaining nonetheless. If anything, this makes me look for more Indian action flicks.

  7. After all 99% of the movies are fake and not a real life story. Western movies have more budget and go for graphics but the rest of the world try to do in whatever they have and what their audience likes. Every part of the world lives in a different fantasy. You spend $20 for a movie in the West and in bollywood you spend less than $5 (including popcorn/coke). If you dont like them don’t watch them…

  8. I agree with you. Such stunts in Bollywood sometimes do make me sick. But we saw the end of “impossible scenes” in around 2000. The new decade sees Bollywood make good films.

    By the way, all of them, sparing a few, are South Indian films. We, in other parts of India, have a laugh about it.

    They are just disgusting. Comic superheroes would commit suicide if they see Rajnikant(the original Chuck Norris), Chiranjeevi etc. etc. etc.

    South . . . ohh……..

    Anyway, Bollywood shows negligible shit now, maybe since 2000. I have seen very less hilarious scenes in Bollywood movies after that.

    Wait till you see CID, an epic soap, now a subject to epic jokes !!

    And the creator of this page, if you cannot make out the difference between Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Don’t term the videos as “Bollywood scenes”

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