Blast from the Past: Unintentional Couples Mismatches in Movies

Hey all, this is an article we did about a year ago that I think still holds up today.  I’m not saying this happens all that often but sometimes in a Hollywood movie we see cases where the woman is way more attractive than the man and vice versa.

A movie like She’s Out of My League is a case where this is obviously done on purpose.

On occasion however, I argue that the producers, casting directors, or whoever made a grave mistake in casting members of the opposite sex to play a couple.  It winds up where one person is supremely better looking than the other and it just looks out of whack.

Here are 10 such examples…..

Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan – Field of Dreams

Come on people. Amy Madigan? They couldn’t get a better looking wife for Kevin Costner than Amy Madigan? Hell the guy had already been in the Untouchables by this point. Sorry Amy, no way.

Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall – The Town

Can someone explain why Rebecca Hall keeps getting roles like this? Ben Affleck is WAY to studly for this chick. And she’s in The Prestige? What’s going on here?

Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo – Thomas Crown Affair

Rene Russo has her moments but let’s face it. She’s not 007 material at all.

Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand – The Way we Were

I really don’t think I have a comment for this one.

Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal – The Dark Knight

I actually like Maggie Gyllenhaal a lot but I just don’t think she should ever be a leading lady in anything, ever. Sure if it’s a drama involving alcohol or something but she’s not like Kim Basinger leading lady at all and should never be put in that category.

Paul Newman and Piper Laurie – The Hustler

This isn’t a diss on Piper when they made The Hustler but no woman was any match for Paul Newman at that time. No woman.

Kim Basinger and Dan Aykroyd – My Stepmother is an Alien

It was funny but true. I just like that Allison Hannigan is in this picture.

Kevin James and Amber Valletta – Hitch

Kevin James is a funny dude but I’m not sure he was up to par with Amber.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matt McConaghy – Failure to Launch

She’s not hot. She’s never been hot. And she’ll never be hot.

Rob Lowe and Mare Winningham – St Elmos Fire

Easily one of the biggest mismatches of all time.

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  1. Ugh Commenters…many of these movies were 20 years ago.

    Costner was at the top of his game in Field of Dreams.
    Gyllenhall should be with the Robert Harrow character in Boardwalk Empire in every movie she ever makes. And he has to wear the half mask.

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