The Best Restrospective of The Dark Knight Trilogy You’ll See


It’s a time when epic trilogies seem to be fading into the past. There was Star Wars, The Godfather, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, but in the last few years, only one has really stood out to meet that classification  Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

It’s now cool to say the movies aren’t cool, but I don’t buy that BS. The trilogy is fantastic, and though we may disagree on the ranking order of the movies, I think most of us should be able to agree on its overall quality.

Need a refresher course? The video above takes a look at all three films, and is probably the best montage I’ve seen of the series to date.  It’s ten minutes long, but you’ll be glued to your screen for the duration. I really don’t want him to make a fourth movie at this point, and thankfully he and Bale said they won’t. Rises, for me, was a perfect conclusion for the series, and the next time we see a new Batman, it should be in JLA.

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  1. Truely was a great trilogy despite what the haters say.

    Only other great modern trilogy would be the Bourne series. They ruined it with legacy but if we are fogeting Indy 4 and the Star Wars prequls then we can forget about that one too. Lol

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