The Evolution of the Batsuit


Here’s a picture collage of all the live-action versions of Batman throughout the years. He started looking like a bad Halloween costume, and today under Chris Nolan has progressed to what appears to be Solid Snake with pointy ears and a cape. Look at that plating! He’s got to be bulletproof by now.

In between, we have some awkward moments with Adam West’s Batman having eyebrows on the outside, and Joel Schumacher’s Batman having nipples on the outside, though he’s conveniently covering them here. When did he wear that gaudy silver suit? I don’t remember that, but it must be Schumacher as well, judging by the look of it clearly designed to sell action figures. Which I probably bought.

In between we have Tim Burton’s bat era, which is sufficiently dark and brooding. I think my favorite suit of the bunch is actually the center right one. What’s yours?


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