Sean Connery, Gymnastics Instructor


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Someone passed along to me this rather fantastic vintage photo which shows Sean Connery attempting to teach the very first Bond girl, Ursula Andress, how to do a handstand on the set of the very first Bond film, Dr. No.

Though I can’t seem to recall a specific action sequence that required either of them to pull such a maneuver, it’s still a pretty awesome way to kill time, and I’m glad someone was there to capture it. Nowadays stars would likely be sitting in the shade texting on their iPhones during breaks of filming.

If I know anything about Sean Connery, chances are they did end up using this move later on. Off set. With no cameras allowed.


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  1. He was not only fit enough to do a handstand, he was fit enough to beat the crap out of the jealous mobster boyfriend of Lana Turner when he showed up unexpectedly on the set of the movie they were doing. Can’t imagine what the line “Beaten to a pulp by an actor” would do to a gangster’s resume.

    And judging by the pup tent starting to go up in his pants there, I’d say the speculations on that night’s activities has some merit.

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