Bane. Krang. Venom.


Well, the alternate title for this was “Bane, Krang and Venom Take On a Literal Animal Version of Their Famous Adversaries,” but for some reason that didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But that is more or less what artist Andry Rajoelina has done here.

As such, Bane is curious about a friendly bat. Krang accidentally almost steps on a tiny turtle. And finally Venom makes faces at a little ol’ spider. There’s something uniquely adorable about this concept, and I’m trying to think of other hero/villain pairs this could work with. Sabertooth staring down a real-life wolverine? Well, let me tell you, those things aren’t exactly friendly as animals either.

Check out the other two pictures below.



[via HowtoCarveRoastUnicorn]


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