20 Awesome Interpretations of Stewie Griffin

He’s quickly become one of the most beloved cartoon characters on television.  And it’s funny using the word beloved to describe a highly intellectual, murderous, psychotic toddler but is he not beloved?

You know a character is good when you are rooting for their evil.  Kind of like Dexter.  I mean who really roots for a serial killer?  I mean I find myself wanting Stewie to off Lois practically every episode.

Gotta hand it to Seth MacFarlane.  In any event, it’s clear that other people are a big fan of Stewie and I just happened to go on a hike searching for funny pictures of the little man.  Hope you enjoy….

Thanks to the artists at Deviant Art for these.  If you need credit for an individual pic please let us know.

That would most likely be the scariest toddler in the world if he actually existed.  That’s got Benjamin Button written all over it.

Check out the full Stewie Gallery below

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