My New Favorite Thing: Arrested Westeros

Game of Thrones might be off the air for nine months, but as one last hurrah for the series, enjoy this amazing site that was pointed out to me by reader JeremyH. It combines two of television’s best shows, Arrested Development and Game of Thrones into one hilarious captioned comic series: Arrested Westeros.

Working on the internet full time, you become immune to things that are “virally funny” as it were, but this marks the first time I’ve laughed out loud at something I’ve found in a long while. The quotes match up so well, and the scenes are chosen so expertly, I can’t remember seeing a better mash-up.

I’ve pulled a few of my favorite entries from the blog which I’ve posted below. After you’ve gone through them, there are many more on the site itself.

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  1. Literally the best thing you’ve ever posted. I’m dying. The only bad thing is I can’t think of a single one fo my friends who has seen both of these series in their entirety to show it to 🙁

    The Tywin/Jamie scene literally made my day though, thank you

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