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On the day of my daughter’s birth, oh wait…I forgot to mention to all my Unrealtors out there – my wife and I just had our second child! (this is why I was absent for about an entire week recently – my apologies for not letting you know) Anyways as I was saying, on October 17th 2014 – the day my daughter was born, a man by the name of Ethan Shaftel contacted me to let me know of a short film that he had just finished called Flesh Computer. If I hadn’t been so busy with my daughter popping out I might’ve posted this earlier. Though now is as good as any other time right?

See, the best thing about plugging something like this on Unreality is that you guys/gals – our ever faithful Unrealtors – will be the ones that would truly appreciate said film. Not only would you appreciate it but you’re the audience that would support other short films like this and allow other artists out there to be able to create amazing work like this that might some day become mainstream!


Consider film making in general it’s own art course/class. The short film makers would be the group in said art class over in the corner with their heads down feverishly working. This is the group that everyone else is always watching, waiting to see what they come up with hoping to get some sort of inspiration for their own projects. Not because they can’t come up with something on their own, but because the short film makers always have an original take on something new and exciting. Enter Flesh Computer…

When his cybernetic pet project is put in jeopardy, the handyman of a decaying apartment building is forced to take a stand, blurring the lines between human and machine. Flesh Computer is a short film that explores the nature of consciousness by jumping between the perspectives of an eclectic group of characters including a young girl, a vicious bully, and a tiny housefly. Or at least that’s what their website tells us anyway. My thoughts on it are that it’s pretty damn awesome! Not only was I thrilled that I was contacted to help plug this but I was thrilled just to watch it and be inspired by what a film can imply in such a short amount of time. The look and feel of this gritty little sci-fi piece shows the time and effort that was put into it and you can see why it has garnered quite a few awards and recognitions. A lot of people dismiss the short films out there because they aren’t the big blockbusters that we shell out $10+ for in the theaters but truth be told a lot of those blockbusters probably got their ideas or general themes from the short film world. As Ethan stated in his e-mail to me, if you’re into “Cronenberg-esque short films that mix contemporary philosophy with gooey special FX” then I’d suggest giving it a whirl.

Watch the entire film here.


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  1. Congrats Man! Lots of sleepless nights awaits you to come up with awesome articles! 😉

    Don’t have time now to watch a movie (at work) but I’ve bookmark it for later.


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