The Pure Joy of a Baby Watching Man of Steel

Remember when you were a kid and movies were LITERALLY MAGIC? Well, most of us probably can’t actually remember when we were this kid’s age, but there’s something sort of…beautiful about watching him be completely and utterly in awe of seeing a man freaking FLY!

The obvious joke is that this kid loves Man of Steel more than anyone else did, which may be true, but I did like it more than the general public it seems. That said, I hate all other Superman movies so maybe it won by comparison alone.

Anyway, watch this, and I dare you not to smile by the end. Sorry, that was very Upworthy of me. But it’s true.


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  1. The thing about when you’re a kid is you filter easily the good from the bad. The kid gets into the moment when Superman flies but he doesn’t care about what he is saying, is not important to him. This movie tried to be deep and while it has its impressive moments it also has dull exposition.

  2. I’m not saying this is what you’re doing, because I smiled at the video and I don’t even really like that movie…

    … BUT I think it’s a little strange how people will occasionally point to a child’s reaction to this or that as proof positive that the thing in question is wonderful. I’ve been responsible for a lot of young kids, and they’re great but they’re also kind of idiots when it comes to parsing the meaning of a text. (Sort of like the makers of Man of Steel, I guess.)

    Like I said, though, I don’t think you’re doing that. Sometimes I wish I could get back to the age where I could just clap at a man flying around.

  3. This was my favourite scene from the movie, maybe because I liked Superman since my childhood… and yes, back then I liked him because he could fly! 🙂

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