Thank God They Changed Bane’s Voice


I think one of the most pleasant surprises of The Dark Knight Rises was that Christopher Nolan finally relented and allowed Bane’s lines to be redubbed. He originally said being hard to understand was “part of the character,” but I’m glad someone made him see the light. Even great directors aren’t perfect.

This is a side-by-side comparison of lines from the IMAX prologue shown before the voice was changed, and the actual film. Both aren’t the best quality, but you can easily tell the difference. Not only is he more understandable, but they added that musical-like quality to his voice that made his character so memorable. Hard to imagine he, or the film, would have been nearly as good without this change. I didn’t read one review which talked about Bane being hard to understand, but you can be there would have been a million if they hadn’t altered the voice the way they did.

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  1. Yeah… I think I’ll take clarity and the improved line readings over whatever realism Nolan may have been going for initially. I only saw the sneak preview once, and didn’t remember it being THAT hard to understand, but it’s gotta be almost impossible to deny that the new one sounds better.

  2. i really enjoy the new version, i liked that he seemed to have a somewhat ecstatic voice, rather than the generic groggy bad guy voice.

    it seems to lend a more psychotic type of character with that voice.

    that, and some lines are still hard to understand when you first hear his voice, it takes no time to get used to, but the first time i saw it, i really had to focus on listening to him

  3. This is the only place where I’ve seen people who like the new voice. Old voice wins me over by a mile (for the prologue, the rest of the movie his voice is great). It was far more menacing and sadistic. I hope they change the prologue again for the dvd/bluray but that will never happen. I blame the people who complained in the first place.

  4. How can anyone not like the new voice? It’s so hilariously over-the-top (in a good way); the guys in my office pass the time by quoting Bane lines to each other. And now there’s finally a delivery of “OF COURSE!” that rivals Raul Julia’s!

  5. What Bryan said is exactly why some people prefer the original. The original Bane sounded a lot less “sing-songy” and a lot more menacing. Yeah , he was a bit harder to understand, no argument there.

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