Stephen Merchant as the Mutant Caliban in ‘Logan’


This picture of Stephen Merchant as mutant Caliban in the upcoming movie “Logan” has been blowing up today.  And rightfully so.   It’s completely freaky and awesome at the same time.   In the marvel universe the albino mutant known only as Caliban was recruited by Callisto, who had learned of his mutant-tracking ability and used him to locate other mutants whom she organized into the community that came to be called the Morlocks. Caliban was named by Callisto after the grotesque being in William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.”

According to Screenrant

Shortly after Fox unveiled the one-sheet announcing the Logan title, alleged plot details made their way online. It’s said that Logan takes place in the year 2024, where a weathered Wolverine and Professor X are on their last days mentoring a young girl who also has a set of claws (believed to be X-23). That summary also indicated that the two veterans would be joined by the albino mutant Caliban, who is played by Stephen Merchant. Viewers had yet to see an image of the actor in-character, but that has now changed.

The photo above was actually tweeted by none other than Logan director James Mangold.  Suffice it to say this has got fans in a tizzy.  What I’m actually curious about is how roided up Hugh Jackman’s going to be for this film.  Do you realize how tiny he was in the first X-Men?  It’s almost comical.

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