A Rather Awesome Real Life Rogue

It can be hard to pull off a solid X-Men costume, as their yellow-tinted spandex outfits don’t often translate well from the pages of a comic book to real life. And if you go for the black leather Matrix-ish movie costumes? That’s just boring.

That’s why I was so surprised to see a Rogue outfit pulled off with this much success. This girl was spotted at the Comikaze Expo this year, and stole the show with her fantastic outfit that really couldn’t be a more accurate representation to the classic Rogue look we all know.

As you might expect, there are more shots of her to be seen, and you can check them out below:

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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  1. Very nice costume, minus one detail, the wig. To spend so much time and effort to put together a costume, then to top it off with a dime store wig, is a shame. Still, a cute girl in a good costume.

  2. Minus all the editing I can see, this is a really good Rogue anyways. I’d tone down the actual makeup and definitely the photoshop. A little wrinkles in the skin and costume is perfect, as is a natural bodyform, not so tucked and tightened. I’d love to see this in person without the edits.

  3. No one is making fun of her. They’re giving their opinions. It’s allowed online. If anything, it could be constructive criticism. No one made fun of her body, either. Personal preference is all that was stated.

  4. I’m kind of tired of how much this cosplayer photoshops herself and how much she lies about it. She’s a great cosplayer, but I’d respect her alot more if she didn’t lie about her edits.

  5. Jesus Christ, this cosplay is amazing, but these comments, hell. Calm the fuck down, appreciate the beautiful pictures that have been taken for us. No matter how they were created, they’re amazing, okay? Let me appreciate this cosplay in peace.

  6. Sweet!! I don’t know what the others are saying ,but she’s really cute and I think she made a great Job.But, there’s one picture missing and it is her back.I don’t want to make any bad ideas. I just wonder how it looks.You showed everything except from that angle.

    Anyway,love your costume!

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